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Dear Belgrade High School Families,

We are thrilled to have you in our school community. At Belgrade High School, we aim to provide
all students with a quality education in a safe, fun, and caring environment. Our
academic programs are built upon the belief that students can reach high academic
standards when they are provided with good instruction and consistent

Our staff is committed to helping students meet these high standards and we look
forward to working with you as partners in this endeavor. This curriculum guide is
designed to assist students and parents in planning their educational career at
Belgrade High School. As courses are selected, consider your interests and
aptitudes. Consult with parents, former/future teachers, counselors, and
administrators to develop the best program that meets your individual goals.

It is important to note that schedules are developed from course requests made
during the registration process. Please select your courses wisely. Once a
schedule is developed, students are expected to follow it throughout the
year. Schedule changes are difficult to make due to most sections being full.

Our school is composed of caring educators that are interested in students’
success. If a problem arises throughout the year, please ask for help. Our staff is
here to help students. Please do not feel afraid to consult with teachers,
administration, and counselors if necessary. Once again we are happy to have you
be a part of the panther community.


BHS  Curriculum  Guide

BHS Curriculum Guide

This Curriculum Guide is presented to help you select classes and guide your educational plan while attending Belgrade High School. Please let a teacher, a counselor, or the office know if you are having difficulty with scheduling.


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