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Driver's Education Information

  • Classes are offered year-round with 5 sessions offered each calendar year. Classes offered September through June are open to Belgrade residents only. Summer classes may be open on a space available basis to those outside of Belgrade district boundaries at a higher fee.
  • Students must be 14 ½ years old by the start date of the class. No exceptions!
  • Enrollment in the class is based on age with oldest students first. Students with extenuating circumstances are occasionally added to the class at the discretion of the Driver’s Ed department.  Register Here!
  • Middle School students are allowed into Driver's Education courses during the Spring/Summer (May/June) and Summer (July/August) sessions ONLY.
  • Class sessions during the school year are typically held from 6:30 – 8:00 AM, Monday through Thursday and occasional Friday’s. Classes may begin earlier at instructor discretion. The second portion of the Spring/Summer session and the entire Summer session classes are offered from 7:00 – 9:00 AM and from 9:00 – 11:00 AM, Monday through Friday. Please take into consideration any extra activities or vacations before accepting a spot.  Driver’s education is a commitment and must be the priority.
  • No absences are allowed during the first week or the last week of any session. Per state law, students can have up to 3 absences, make up assignments will be required.
  • There is a mandatory parent meeting to attend once selected for a session. The time will be emailed to you.
  • Class enrollment lists will be posted at the High School office and e-mails will be sent to those accepted into the session. Students may be contacted at the last minute if a spot becomes open due to a drop from another student. This happens quickly with a phone call off the date of birth order and whom we get a hold of first.  We  need to fill the spot(s) quickly.
  • A fee of $300.00* is required to participate in the class. This fee will be accepted ONLY for students who have been notified of acceptance into the session. Alternates who are accepted into the class will be contacted to arrange payment. Fee payment times and locations will be emailed to those selected into each session. No partial payments accepted. There will be no refunds after the first day of class.  *We accept cash, checks or money orders only.
  • Most driving during the school year is scheduled from 3:30-5:30 PM. Driving is also scheduled for some weekends. Driving schedules will be scheduled the first day of each class.
Driver's Education Schedule


Closing Date

Parent Meeting Class Dates Class Times Days
Fall 1 2023 8/25 8/29 9/5 - 10/18 6:15 - 8 am M-Th
Fall 2 2023 10/6 10/11 10/23 - 12/7 6:30 - 8 am M-Th
Spring 1 2024 2/9 2/12 2/19 - 4/26 7:00 - 7:50 am M-Th
Spring 2 2024 4/19 4/23 5/6 - 6/14 6:30 - 8 am
7 - 9 am or 9 - 11 am
Fall 1 2024 8/22 8/28 9/9 - 10/16 6:15 - 8 am M-Th
Fall 2 2024 10/4 10/9 10/21 - 12/13 6:15 - 8 am M-Th